Is it the end for Max and Steph?

After their fall out, Steph collects her things from Max’s flat and hands her engagement ring back. Max is gutted and is about to go after her when Niall turns up offering her a hand. Later, Max questions whether he has done the right thing when he sees Niall comforting Steph in Evissa.

Warren is worried to find out Louise has been in a fight and prepares to confess to get her out of prison. But when Louise suggests they find someone else to take the fall for them, desperate Warren makes Darren an offer he thinks he won’t be able to refuse. But it seems even Darren isn’t that desperate. Meanwhile, Frankie is forced to face up to the fact that Jake will have to spend the rest of his life in hospital, giving Darren an idea…

Despite his fantastic night of passion with the stunning Sam, Zak discovers something about her which turns him off. Kris and Elliot convince Zak to make a go of things, but fed up with his blowing hot and cold, Sam knocks him back.

Also, Danny is annoyed when Neville suggests that Hannah is too good for him.

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