Sharon is stunned by Phil’s confession that he was driving the car on Christmas Day. Storming over to Ian’s, Sharon demands the truth, forcing Ian to confirm Phil’s revelation. Slapping Phil, Sharon tells him their marriage is over. As Sharon drinks alone in the Albert, Phil sits at home and soon takes a drink.

Ian approaches Sharon in the Albert, trying to explain to her why he offered to take the rap for Phil. When Sharon goes home to collect her things, Phil begs her to stay, claiming he’ll get her full share of The Albert back – and will give up drinking. When that doesn’t convince Sharon, Phil reveals that he’s dying. Thinking Phil is lying Sharon storms out, pushing Phil to take drastic action…

Carmel seeks solace at Masood’s but is in a dilemma over whether to tell him about Arthur’s paternity. Deciding it’s not her place, Carmel instead tells Masood she’s lonely. A kiss soon leads to the bedroom, although after their fun, Carmel’s left upset when Masood suggests they’re ‘friends with benefits’! Meanwhile, Shabnam agrees not to leave Kush, but insists that Martin needs to know the truth about the baby.