Is it the end of the line for Sgt Stone?

Sergeant Callum Stone’s special brand of policing gets him suspended from duty and Julie Graham (Survivor, William and Mary) make a guest appearance as Commander Lisa Kennedy. Dedicated Bill fans will remember that Julie guest-starred in several episodes of the crime drama in 2002 as scheming Lisa Kendrick, who made life difficult for DS Phil Hunter. Now she plays someone on the right side of the law but is still making waves at Sun Hill when Commander Kennedy is called in to lead an inquiry into an allegation of assault against Callum…

The Sun Hill officers move in to restore peace when a fight kicks off outside a nightclub. As Callum tends to a badly injured girl, David Gresham keeps trying to interfere. Callum pushes him back and David falls then has an epileptic fit… And the whole incident has been filmed on a mobile phone.

The case becomes more complicated when the club is robbed during the fight… Sergeant Jo Masters thinks the fight was a diversion. Darrel Cooper is arrested for starting the violence and turns out to be a debt collector. Is club owner Andrew Gray hiding something? Yes…the CCTV footage of the incident and his allegedly stolen cheque book. Unfortunately for Callum, though, the tape shows him punching David and he’s immediately suspended.