When you think about it, Lisa has been incredibly patient with Zak – and not just since he had his breakdown. She has stood by him through thick and thin – and he has been thick enough to cause many lean times in the Dingle household. Now, not being able to swallow his male pride, Zak has choked the life out of their marriage and Lisa doesn’t know what to do. So self-pitying Zak decides for her: he’s leaving, off to Ireland on his own. But Zak’s decision doesn’t make Lisa happy.

Pollard isn’t happy without Brenda, in fact he’s downright miserable. Val, though, is cock-a-hoop when she hears that Brenda has wiped her hands of Pollard and she’s downright ecstatic when Amy tells her Brenda dumped Pollard because he still has feelings for Val. Now she can tell Kerry that the family is getting back together! Really? That’s news to Pollard.

What’s news to Dan is that Chas dated Nikhil. He already knew about Paddy, but felt he could measure up in comparison. Nikhil, though, is everything he’s not: slim, fit, a sharp dresser, knows where the iron is kept and isn’t afraid to use it – in fact, he dribbles with excitement at the thought of using it. Dan just dribbles. Surely Chas will see the error of her ways…