After learning how cruelly Jac was treated by her mum, Paula, Jonny is in a catch-22 situation – he wants to make peace with Jac, but he also needs Paula’s money to be able to fight Jac for custody of daughter Emma! This week, Emma’s brought in to Holby for urgent treatment. As Jac and Jonny check on her, Jonny admits it was a mistake to trust Paula. Just then, his phone rings – it’s Paula! Has Jonny blown his chances of peace with Jac?

Meanwhile, Sacha quickly quashes Zosia and Arthur’s concern over Joe Goodridge, the elderly patient who Zosia’s convinced has a suspicious past. But as Sacha struggles to keep his junior doctors in line, will he be able to follow the rules himself?

Also, Adele proves she’s got the gift of the gab as she assumes sister Mo’s identity – as ‘Dr Mo’ – on a local radio show. But does Adele really know what she’s getting into? And is there any chance of Mo finding out?