Is Jack being played for a fool?

DCI Jack Meadows meets old friends, Keith Jordan and Geoff Porter, for a game of poker, and at the end of the night Keith’s son and Jack’s godson, Kieran, arrives to take his father home. But the mood is shattered when Kieran is mowed down by a speeding car, and Jack immediately alerts officers back at Sun Hill.

At a briefing, Jack tells officers he’s convinced that Kieran was the target of the hit and run, but others suspect that either Kieran, Keith or Geoff could have been the intended target. As the case continues, Jack is shocked to learn that his friends have been keeping secrets – not least that Keith’s wife, Rebecca, and Geoff were having an affair.

Later, Pcs Ben Gayle and Will Fletcher arrest Chas Cooper – and it becomes clear that he knows Keith. Jack then gets a shock when he learns that Keith has dragged Rebecca off in his car. Jack eventually catches up with Keith, and when his friend begins to confess, Jack wonders if he ever knew him at all.

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