Is Jack closing in on Harrison?

Before Rob leaves for work, he’s accosted by Jack who’s been through his notes on the case. Jack’s sure there’s more to it and that Lauren had been seeing someone other than Kevin, but Rob tells him to leave it before he gets into trouble.

Back from Aunty Ag’s, Imogen catches Jack trying to piece murder evidence together. Jack heads off to the Campus to speak to a dejected Kevin, who admits he did suspect Lauren was seeing someone else. At home, Jack quizzes Imogen, who suggests he look at some of the clubs Lauren used to go to.

Jack compiles a list of clubs to visit and prints off flyers with Lauren’s photo on to show around. Meanwhile, Harrison is getting worked up and calls Jack. Jack says he thinks there’s another man involved but, before Harrison can ask more questions, Jack is disturbed and hangs up. Furious, Harrison vents his anger on the phone, smashing it into pieces.

Julia receives a surprise call from Patrick who asks if she can have Chloe as he and Sally are planning a weekend away together. Julia agrees, but she doesn’t expect Chloe when she’s dropped on her doorstep that afternoon.

Also, Jimmi realises that a mother’s fear is putting her daughter’s life in danger.