Is Jackson ready to play happy families?

As Faye’s schoolmates clamour round the baby, Jackson stares at Miley. Back on the street Anna’s at the end of her tether, accusing Faye of treating Miley the same way her own mother treated her. Faye’s upset but they’re interrupted when Josie calls at the flat with Jackson in tow. Josie explains Jackson admitted that he’s the father.

In tears, Simon relates the incident with Tony and Zeedan’s sacking to Leanne and Kal. Fuming Leanne storms into Barlow’s Buys and, demanding Zeedan’s wages, starts smashing up the stock.

Liz admits to Tony she’d love to move back to Spain, but feels she can’t because of Steve. Tony points out that part of Steve’s problem is that he still lives with his mum at the age of 40. Continuing to sow the seeds, Tony assures Tracy the pub will soon be theirs.

When Eileen receives a message from Jeff telling her he’s visiting the UK and suggesting they meet for a drink, she’s clearly excited.