Is Jacqui suspicious of Carl?

Mercedes is still reeling from the events from the night before. She’s mortified that she let the Costello’s down, while still angry that Mitzeee could get to her so she heads to Jacqui’s for some respite. However, Jacqui isn’t about to let things lie and questions why Mercedes’ really feels guilty. Mercedes manages to dodge the question but Jacqui isn’t ready to give up.

Later, Carl turns up to talk Mercy into seeing Riley so that they can sort things out. But Jacqui witnesses the tension between them and puts two and two together. She decides to confront Carl at the pub. She bluffs her way through the conversation but is disappointed to find her suspicions were true when Carl puts his foot in it big time.

Dodger conjures up a new business – Savage Smoothies! He parks right outside Mobs much to Nancy’s disgust and she declares war!

Also; Brendan finally gives up trying to make up with Cheryl; while Carmel ropes Theresa and Myra into helping at a homeless food drive, but Carmel ends up caving in and eating all the food.

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