As Dane and Rhys argue over whose job it is to clean the BBQ, Jade receives Mal’s text message. She doesn’t reply and when he bumps into Jade in Charlie’s, he asks her what she’s playing at, and that he knows he wasn’t imagining the chemistry between them, but Jade reminds him he’s married and tells him he’s got it all wrong.

Dane tells her Kyle’s been trying to call her, and when she calls back, Rhys listens on and then gives Jade his opinion on why she turned Kyle down. He tells her she has abandonment issues because of losing her parents, but Jade tells him to back off before storming out. Mulling over what Rhys said, Jade tries to prove him wrong and calls Mal. The pair meet, and kiss in the dark.

Kate’s still on edge after kissing Kyle and when he comes into Harold’s she tells him if he isn’t there to order something then he has to leave. Smugly, he orders a burger and drags his stay out as long as possible. Sonya talks Kate into joining her and Susan at their new book club and there, she’s not herself, and heads off early. Worried, Sonya follows her to the art project, where she finds Kate crying, but, knowing the trouble she’d be in, she’s unable to admit what’s really bothering her.