Is Jai about to be exposed?

*First episode*

Jai knows more about Rachel’s whereabouts than he’s letting on. A few weeks ago, he turned up in the village with his son Archie and claimed that the boy’s mum, Rachel, just handed him over, but it’s clear that all is not what it seems. Rachel’s sister, Ali, knows that something isn’t quite right and has enlisted the help of ex-copper Harriet to do some digging around. Unfortunately, the search hasn’t turned up any clues about where Rachel might be so when Ali informs Jai that there’s no news about her sister, he’s relieved to say the least! But how long before his secret is revealed?

After being forced into a corner by Cain, Rakesh agrees to represent Charity, who’s shocked when he offers legal support. Meanwhile, Kirin feels guilty when he hears that his dad’s has been blackmailed into helping Charity so he offers Cain a bundle of cash to find another lawyer…

Robert’s stressed by Chrissie’s accusations that Leyla is flirting with him, but it’s not Leyla she should be worried about! Frustrated by the situation at home, Robert pulls over in his car and texts Aaron to say he’s broken down. But when the mechanic gets there it doesn’t take him long to realise that the vehicle is in perfect working orderl What’s Robert playing at?