Is Jai sweet on Charity?

So… Cain already thinks there’s funny business between his not-so-sweet Charity and candyman Jai, and it does look like Jai is ready to mix business with pleasure and would like his project manager Charity to manage a project of a more personal nature. Oh, yes. While they’re enjoying a few festive drinks they get carried away with the Christmas spirits and there’s very nearly a mistletoe moment. Charity’s not the only Dingle attracting attention from the male species. Derek is buzzing around Lisa like an elf around Santa’s grotto. He can’t have heard about Zak’s past as a bare-knuckle fighter.

Hazel can finally start to relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit, thanks to the mysterious benefactor who is getting the work done at the cottage so Jackson can move in. Feeling blessed, she goes back to church to give thanks for the miracle – and to apologise for trashing the Nativity scene.

While it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for many of the villagers, life has become a nightmare for Alicia, Leyla and David. They’ve realised Jacob is missing and Leyla is struggling to control her emotions – the emotions of a mother who desperately wants to find her son.

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