Ronnie’s fingerprints are taken at the police station and she’s interviewed about her relationship with Archie. Ronnie admits that they never saw eye-to-eye. Meanwhile, Dr Al checks over Peggy, who is suffering from shock, but she refuses any medication. Phil answers the door to the police. Roxy insists that Ronnie loved Archie. Phil and Roxy both suggest that Janine is the likeliest suspect.

Roxy and Jack learn that Ronnie has been released as the police now have another suspect. Billy tells Peggy that Archie’s body is being removed from the Vic. Ronnie returns to the Square and is comforted by her sister as Archie’s body is wheeled out of the Vic. Janine is a mess as she’s questioned by the police. Ryan listens in and is unsure whether Janine is just a good actress or if she’s telling the truth.

Syed and Amira talk through some final wedding issues. Amira realises that Syed misses Christian, but she says that she misses him too. Syed is stunned when Lucy approaches him and reveals that she’s heard from Christian. He’s in Barcelona and he told her that he’s never coming back.

Also, Todd wants to take an unsure Whitney on a date.

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