Is Jas on her way out of Holby?

Jas has one last chance to prove herself at Holby. Will she blow it?

A dejected Jasmine faces her first shift on AAU after a rollercoaster ride throughout the rest of Holby – she’s been thrown off Darwin by her half-sister Jac; manipulated by oily Tristan to backstab Ric; responsible for Hanssen’s forced rest-break; and ejected from Keller by control-freak Isaac. So it’s unsurprising that Serena’s deeply dubious about having her on board.

Fortunately, all Jasmine has to do is look after Serena’s daughter, emerging documentary filmmaker Eleanor. As AAU becomes overrun with patients, however, the pressure soon rises and Jasmine’s ability to bite her lip and tow the line is truly tested. Is this the end for Jas at Holby?

Mo arrives back at Holby post-Christmas having had a lovely time with Zosia and Ollie, only to hear some alarming news from Mr T about his fiancee Inga. As they wrestle over the best course of action for a needy patient, Mo and Mr T argue about Mo’s perceived lack of interest in his upcoming nuptials. Secretly pregnant with Mr T’s baby, and hating Inga, will Mo tell Mr T the truth?

Essie tries to put on a brave face to get through her New Year Keller shift, but she struggles when a familiar patient arrives on the ward and it’s revealed he’s seriously ill. Liberal Essie and seemingly uptight Raf butt heads over the young lad’s treatment – but when they discover they actually have more in common than they at first realised, events take an interesting turn for the pair…