Is Jason’s secret out?

Carl and Heidi take Jason to meet the headmaster about him returning to school as a boy. Heidi is clearly uncomfortable when Rob tells Jason, that for now, he will have to use the disabled toilets and changing room. He suggests writing a letter to the rest of Jason’s class about the situation. But Eva takes it upon herself to rewrite the letter and send it to the whole school!

Eva tells Anita that she has Amber’s diary, and that she has written about losing her virginity to an older man called Rob. Later, while Sinead is talking to her Dad in his office Eva listens at the door and draws her own conclusions. Later, she tells Anita that after finishing the diary she’ll hand it into the school governors.

Ethan visits the McQueens and talks to Mercedes alone about her affair with Calvin and she does a good job at fielding the questions. But when Myra returns home with Kathleen-Angel, Mercedes unwittingly reveals she’s Theresa’s baby.

Meanwhile, Ricky and Lee discover Duncan has an alter ego as Wolf boy, when they find pictures of him on the Internet as a child. Despite them being fakes the pair and use it to their advantage.

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