Toadie tells Nicole of his suspicions that Jay started the fire, prompting Nicola to do some investigating. She finds some newspaper articles detailing Jay’s heroic rescues of blonde women with children from fires. Smelling a rat, Toadie subtly questions Jay, and gets confirmation of his worst fears.

Later, Jay tells Steph that Toadie’s questioning freaked him out and that Toadie clearly thinks he started the fire himself. A furious Steph confronts Toadie, accusing him of jealousy, before informing him that his attitude means they can no longer be friends.

Meanwhile, Paul and Elle discover that Jay lied about a fire three years ago and Elle begins to see that Paul’s suspicions may not be unfounded after all.

Hurt by Oliver’s admission that he tried to kiss Carmella, Elle ends their relationship, despite his efforts to win her back. She turns to Rebecca for support only to discover that she already knew about Oliver’s betrayal.

Zeke returns from science camp and learns of Donna’s false confession. Feeling guilty, Ringo and Rachel admit their role in her arrest.

Also, Libby fears Donna is transferring her Ty Harper obsession onto Dan.

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