Paramedics Jeff and Dixie clash when they’re asked if a wayward teenager, Karl, can shadow them on one of their shifts. Dixie knows Karl’s reputation as a troublemaker and wants nothing to do with him, while Jeff thinks the lad would benefit from being given a bit of responsibility.

Dixie reluctantly gives in and Jeff and Karl bond. But later, when they run into Karl again after a new, unstable friend of his is killed on a railway line, they’re horrified to learn that Karl is the cousin of the gunman at the Holby College shooting.

Jeff is rocked by the revelation, but vows to give Karl another chance. Will he live to regret it?

Elsewhere, Adam goes to great lengths to prove that his patients come first…

Jordan is on one of his efficiency drives and praises Adam for processing patients so quickly. But, frustrated that he’s losing focus on the patients, Adam sets out to prove Jordan wrong and spoil his statistics. When an elderly gent with terminal cancer is brought in, Adam goes out of his way to ensure he has a dignified death at home, much to the fury of Jordan and the oncologist!