Is Jesse a Law unto himself?

Guy’s delighted to reunite his old friend and protégé Jesse Law (ex-EastEnders star Don Gilet), who’s interviewed by both Guy and Serena for the position of Holby’s new consultant anaesthetist. Jesse’s confidence doesn’t win over Serena, who’s particularly unimpressed to learn he was dismissed from his last job for getting too close to a patient. Jesse gets the job regardless and reveals his maverick side when he goes against Serena and champions risky surgery for a patient. And he has very unorthodox methods for getting Arthur to help with the tricky procedure. Is Jesse just the man to bring Arthur out of his shell?

Meanwhile, with Jonny being professional, Jac thinks it’s safe to discuss custody arrangements for their daughter, Emma. But she’s rattled as grieving Jonny’s mask slips and he tells Jac he never wants Emma to see them together. Later, when a patient nearly dies, Jonny blames Jac, leading the family to declare they’ll sue for negligence! Jac knows this will help Jonny’s case and he admits that’s just what he has in mind – he’ll do anything to get their daughter away from her!

Also, Mo takes up the challenge of coming to work on AAU but ends up clashing with her sister Adele and turning down an opportunity to become a radio DJ. After making up with Adele, Mo decides to accept the radio job after all, only to discover it’s already been taken…. and Adele’s on the radio posing as Dr Mo!