Is Jett Marilyn’s mugger?

Grazed and shaken from her mugging, Marilyn arrives at The Diner and tells the story of her ordeal but Irene takes her straight home. Xavier is quick to point the finger at Jett, much to Gina’s annoyance as he has no proof. Later, he tries to question the troublesome youth and Gina convinces him to let Xavier check his bag but it’s a fruitless search. Gina remains protective of Jett and tells him she believes in him, which infuriates the boy so much he admits to stealing Marilyn’s bag.

Sasha discovers that Casey is struggling with his studies and suggests a tutor. The school won’t help him after the trouble with Henri, so Sasha suggests Dex.

And Alf is still feeling ill after his flight, taking it out on Marilyn and then having a go at daughter Roo, after which he collapses to the floor, wincing in pain. Alf’s illness seems to be more than just jetlag.