Karl is still upset with Susan for lying about not being able to go to Peru because she couldn’t get the time off work. Meanwhile, Susan continues to support Jim, offering to take him to visit the place where he grew up. When Jim asks Susan to be in charge of Jim’s affairs should he lose the ability to do it himself, she isn’t sure if she can take that on.

When Rhys asks Karl to tell Susan not to take charge of Jim’s affairs, Karl has to pretend he knows all about it, telling Rhys to back off. At home, Karl tells Susan that she’s putting Jim before their marriage and she breaks down, telling Karl no one should have to face their death alone. Without Susan knowing, Karl asks Jim to back off a bit as Susan isn’t coping.

When Jade acts weirdly around Kyle, Sonya wonders what’s going on, but Jade pretends everything’s fine. However, at the school gardens, Sonya works out that Jade likes Kyle and winds her up about it, but when she sees how much her sister like him, she encourages her to act on her feelings. At Harold’s, when Kyle asks Kate why she’s so tired today, she lies about her night with Rhys, telling Kyle she was up late watching moves with Jade.