Is Jimmi’s OCD returning?

Cherry and Jimmi have a day off, starting with Jimmi’s very particular cleaning routine. Later, as Cherry and Jimmi are having a silent dinner in their pristine kitchen there is a spillage. Jimmi demands a cloth. Cherry snaps and starts pulling everything out of the cupboards onto the floor. Jimmi hurriedly starts cleaning and Cherry walks out.

Heston is shocked to receive a phone call from Audrey revealing that Curtis is sorry and would like to give restorative justice another try. During the session a contrite Curtis opens up about his underprivileged life in care and with his grandmother. Heston then describes his life and childhood which is polar opposite.

Curtis talks about how Heston’s generation had it good, something Heston has to concede. Curtis then adds that they ruined it for his generation and Heston finds himself apologising to Curtis! The session ends and Heston returns to the Mill furious that Curtis has played him again!

And Mandy’s concern for a desperate weight watching patient drives her to the point where she starts to follow him…