Bailey is pleasantly surprised to notice ‘Hot’ Josie Mackay watching him across the school yard. However, Callum asserts that rather than Bailey, it’s Kyle she’s attracted to. Bailey’s left downcast when Josie later suggests they work together on a project at his place, but Callum suggests this just shows she’s using him to get closer to Kyle.

It’s Mason’s birthday, he’s got the girl of his dreams and the Turners are happy for him. In contrast, things in the Willis household go from bad to worse. Josh feels betrayed by Imogen, and Brad’s incensed. However, Terese is reassured by Imogen’s maturity.

When Imogen tries to reach out to Josh, he demands to know why she’s with him – a question that then festers in Imogen. And it’s further fuelled as she talks to Amber and hears what true infatuation is. If Mason is Imogen’s first true love, shouldn’t she feel that way too? Imogen decides she’s not ready for a relationship, and breaks up with Mason just as his party is about to begin.

Georgia is surprised to find Kyle on babysitting duty for Nell and begins to enjoy his company again. However, she gets a rude reality check as Kyle later enthuses over their future together with their own baby. She quickly sends him on his way.