Is Justin pushing Willow away?

Will Justin's jealousy get the better of him?

Justin is furious after seeing Willow accept money for another ‘honey pot’ job. When she gets to work at the gym, Mason warns her stay away from Justin as he is in a foul mood with her. Perplexed at Mason’s remarks, she confronts Justin, who explains he saw her take money from a woman for another ‘honey pot’ job and he is done with her. Willow walks away furious, but after calming down, she finds Justin and tells him that she told her client she won’t be doing any more ‘honey pot’ jobs because she values their relationship. What will Justin say?

Irene tries her best to talk to Olivia, but Olivia remains defensive and refuses to tell Hunter the truth. Irene and Olivia continue to argue, so Irene leaves. Olivia complains to Axel about Irene’s surprise visit but Axel is fed up with Olivia’s whining and tells her get some closure. Olivia is hurt by Axel’s lack of sympathy and heads back to Summer Bay to talk to Hunter. Will Olivia tell him the truth? And how will Hunter take Olivia’s life-changing announcement?

Maggie is getting restless being on bed rest so she decides to return back to work. However, her eagerness to get back to work backfires, as she collapses. As Maggie is rushed to hospital again, Ben refuses to leave her side. Tori runs some test and the results don’t look positive…