Is Karen back to her old self?

Having re-committed to The Mill, Karen’s off to start her official training course, which will see her certified to work on reception again. Karen charges into her work to try and impress Mrs Tembe who, unfortunately, has to reprimand Karen when she nearly compromises a woman’s confidentiality by sending her details to the wrong address. Karen’s knocked confidence takes another hit when Mandy says she can move into Emma’s annex if she wants to gain some independence.

Karen can barely express her concerns before she’s ambushed by a surprise party ahead of her assessment! The team gather round with cake and drinks, and even Rob drops in, giving Karen a little good luck package. Karen’s touched, and even has a little feeling of déjà vu when Rob gives her a little wink – she has chills and is forced to re-examine this man she’s suddenly, unexpectedly drawn to…

After hearing about her non-date with Anne Marie, Chris and Kevin plot to get Mandy back in the dating game. But when they write a profile for her for a dating site, Mandy thinks they’re making fun, screws up the profile and throws it in the bin. Later, Mandy reads it and realises Kevin and Chris were only trying to help. So she takes the brave step of posting it on the site – it’s now officially out there and Mandy’s back on the market!

Also, Howard visits an old colleague incapable of moving a muscle except for his eyes who wants today to be his last day on earth.