Is Karen in the money?

Karen’s plans for her day off go awry when a Mr Bagley Grimsdale knocks on her door claiming to be looking for a Mrs Karen Hollins about a private family matter. When Mr Grimsdale says he’s a solicitor with information about the estate of a Violet Mason, it rings bells for Karen so she invites him in. Violet Mason has died and has left her estate to a Karen Hollins.

In order to prove she’s THE Karen Hollins – nee Teale – Karen turns the house upside down to find her birth certificate. When that isn’t enough proof, Karen asks Mr Grimsdale to leave and he gives her his card. Karen is intrigued but Rob is cynical; the legacy will probably amount to nothing. Karen is determined to find the proof she needs for Mr Grimsdale.

Kevin is suspicious when Freya brings Cherry a welcome back gift and decides to tease her. Cherry is stressing over her wedding preparations so Freya offers a soothing massage. Kevin witnesses this and tells Freya he’s guessed she’s got a girl crush – Freya tells him to get lost. Later, Freya asks if anyone fancies a drink at The Icon; everyone is busy except for Kevin.

Over an epic drinking session, Kevin’s teasing becomes more good-natured and the pair find solace in their mutual, accidental celibacy. But when the banter turns personal as they argue over who will get the job at The Mill, Jack asks them to leave – but their argument continues outside the bar.

Next morning, Freya awakes with a banging headache, no idea where she is or what happened to her clothes. She lifts the covers to see a naked Kevin!

Also, when Imogen takes her driving theory test she bumps into an old classmate who she tries to dissuade from entering a life of crime.