Susan suggests that Zeke puts his relationship with Mia on hold for a few months so he can focus on uni and decide if they’re really meant to be together. Meanwhile, Karl starts to panic as he experiences chest pains. Ben alerts the family and Susan decides that Karl needs to go to the hospital.

Doctor Harris and Nurse Jodie check on Karl, who is not happy at being called ‘Mr Kennedy’ instead of ‘Doctor’. Karl’s convinced that he’s just suffering from indigestion, but Dr Harris thinks it could be angina and wants to run some tests. Karl clearly doesn’t like another doctor telling him what to do, and neither does Dr Harris.

Mia’s looking at a map of Eden Hills Pharmaceutical Testing Facility on her laptop, but hides it when Donna walks in. Later, Detective Skinner sits down at Mia’s table and says he’s been trying to get in touch with her. He asks if she’s suffering a crisis of conscience.

Mia explains that Zeke and his family are good people and she can’t do it to them, but Skinner reminds her she promised him a name. Zeke arrives just in time to see Skinner walk away. He asks if Skinner was hassling Mia, but she claims not to have seen the detective.

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