When two pregnancy tests show negative, Kyle’s hopeful that Kate isn’t pregnant. But when Kate has a dizzy spell in front of Georgia, she’s forced to come clean about her fears. Georgia convinces her to get tested by a doctor in order to be certain.

But Kate’s problems are complicated by the fact she’s not sure who the father would be – Mason or Kyle. However, Georgia believes the father is either Mason or Brennan, having no idea of Kyle’s cheating. Kyle is struck by guilt, too, sure his relationship with her will be wrecked if she finds out.


Amber goes to Robbo to plead with him not to report Mason for hitting him. But Robbo tells her he’s already decided not to, claiming he wants to win her family over. Mason and Matt however don’t buy a word of it, certain Robbo can’t be trusted. Later, Matt goes to Robbo to warn him off.

Matt assures Sonya there’s no way Robbo is a threat to her, despite her being the key witness against him. However, when Robbo catches sight of her with Toadie, he remembers her face. Tracking down Toadie’s home address, he makes a veiled threat of what will happen if she speaks at the trial.