Is Kate’s world about to fall apart?

When Sophie drops out of Noah’s band, he suspects Kate’s had a hand in her decision. While Kate’s relieved Sophie’s helped create distance between them, Noah camps out in front of the Ramsay house in an attempt to get Kate to admit what happened. When Kate retaliates by accusing Noah of being a stalker and denying anything ever happened, Noah’s heart is crushed, and his love turns to devastation. Kate hopes her warning has finally driven Noah away, but when he arrives at the History Wall opening and publicly announces she kissed him, Kate’s world goes into a tailspin.

When Emilia reveals she needs lemongrass to make dinner for Michael, Lucas comes up with a grand plan. They break into Sonya’s, sure she’ll have some, but while they’re there, they find themselves drawn to each other – on Toadie’s couch. To Lucas’s horror, the couch collapses. Fearing they’ll be caught out, Lucas mends the couch, but is shaken when he finds out it was broken to begin with.

Paul notices an attractive woman in Charlie’s and is pleased to discover she’s the acting principal of Erinsborough High. Unfortunately for Paul, his romance is cut short when Priya reveals she’s married to his rival – local councillor Ajay Kapoor.