Is Katie manipulating Declan again?

Katie’s turning out to be quite a match for devious Declan, which is why he’s suspicious when she gets all emotional and apologetic, telling him she wants them to start again. Last time she was nice to him she went on to publicly humiliate him by announcing his one-night stand with Charity to all his potential investors. She played a blinder then. Now she’s tearfully telling Declan that for them to be together, he has to tell the police about the body on the glamping (glamorous camping) site… the one he paid the construction crew to cover with cement.

Charity’s suspicious of Cameron when he defends Debbie, saying everything she’s done, she’s done for her kids. Hmmmm… So, Debbie hid Cameron’s kids from him, told them Chas is a wicked murderer, kidnapped Chas and put a gun to her head, all for Sarah and Jack. And Cameron’s defending her! Maybe they are made for each other… One thing is certain, Debbie needs as many people as she can get on her side – and right now, it looks like there’s just Cameron.

Will Gennie be on Nikhil’s side when she hears his latest plans for their future? She stood up for him brilliantly to Jai and Rishi – but she might want to knock him flat when he tells her he wants to buy the B&B!