Is Kat’s baby on the way?

In a Boxing Day special, Kat gets into a confrontation with Shirley in the Minute Mart over a jar of pickled beetroot and proceeds to hurl them at Shirley. Kat has a contraction and collapses. Alfie dashes off to find a car while Ronnie looks after Kat. Kat panics when her contractions stop but Shirley says that it’s a false alarm.

Janine wakes up in hospital. Meanwhile, Ryan goes to the Vic to ask the Slaters where Stacey is, but they give him short shrift. Pat punches Ryan and says he’s to blame for Janine getting stabbed. Ryan tells Pat that Stacey killed Archie, but he knows she didn’t stab Janine. Pat realises that Janine lied to her. Ryan confronts Janine in hospital. He pulls out the ventilator tube and coldly watches as Janine struggles to breathe.

Bianca explains to Phil that she chucked the stolen jewellery. Phil tells Bianca either she gets the jewellery back or pays him what it’s worth. Bianca knows that either option is impossible and promises to help track down Connor for Phil. Bianca steals Whitney’s mobile and texts Connor from Whitney’s phone. Connor turns up at Pat’s and is faced by a vengeful Phil. Connor accuses Whitney of setting him up.

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