Is Katy jealous of Sinead?

As Chesney arranges another date with Sinead he makes a deliberate display of affection towards her in front of Katy. Unsure of her relationship with Ryan, Katy feels a stab of jealousy.

Back on the street a brooding David struggles to hide his contempt as he watches Nick and Leanne play happy families. Taking out his anger on Gail, aware she’s complicit in Nick and Kylie’s lies, David tells her he’s putting her rent up. Kylie tries to reason with David, but he’s having none of it and unable to contain his anger any longer he heads to Nick’s flat.

After further tests Tina is told ‘Joe’ is now strong enough to be breast-fed. The news reaffirms her belief that the baby needs her, but as she struggles to feed him Tina wonders if she’s doing the right thing.

Also, Norris nurses Emily as she struggles with a sprained ankle. Roy plans to stay up all night so he can find out who’s been playing tricks on him in the cafe.