Is Kevin feeling guilty?

Sally excitedly opens her birthday presents at the breakfast table and Rosie shows off by giving her some diamond earrings. But Kevin’s mind is on Molly and he lies saying he’s been invited to a birthday party by an old school mate on Saturday. Meanwhile, over the road Molly lies to Tyrone saying she’s going to spend the night at her dad’s on Saturday and he happily agrees.

Sally’s party is about to start while Kevin books a hotel for him and Molly. But things start to go wrong when a suspicious Sally answers a call from the hotel on Kevin’s mobile!

Fiz jokingly gives Rosie’s new car a smack with a magazine – mindful that John’s money bought it. Chesney sees it and tells the Websters that Fiz is trying to damage Rosie’s car. It’s the last straw for Fiz and furious with Chesney she tells him she’s off to visit John whether he likes it or not.

Also, Maria busies herself preparing for Helen and Barry’s visit and when Tony suggests he should make himself scarce Maria insists they’ve nothing to hide and he should stay; Sophie rescues Ben when he’s cornered by maneater Rosie.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sally wants an explanation about the hotel booking and is thrilled when a gutted Molly tells her it is a surprise birthday present for her from Kevin. Feigning a headache, Molly leaves the party and heads home. She phones Kevin and tells him to come round, he heads straight over and the pair fall on the sofa together. However, a guilty Kevin returns home to Sally who thanks him for the surprise hotel present and tells him he’s the best husband in the world.

Fiz tells John she wants to marry him in prison as soon as possible. Secretly she’s worried about everyone’s reaction, particularly Chesney’s. But with John oblivious to the problems Fiz is having back in Weatherfield he agrees to booking the wedding as soon as possible.

Rosie decides to wind Sophie up at Sally’s party by flirting with Ben. Sophie finally flips and throws a drink over Rosie. But her actions cause her problems when Ben tells her he doesn’t go out with drunk girls who get into fights and he leaves. Sophie’s upset while Rosie’s quietly pleased.

Also, Helen remains suspicious of Maria and Tony’s relationship as she and Barry fuss over their grandson.