Is Kevin in too deep with Poppy?

At the Icon, Kevin and Poppy are having lunch together. Totally unaware that Poppy is a schoolgirl, Kevin fails to pick up on a few clues and when he suggests they take a weekend away in Paris, Poppy is overwhelmed and kisses him.

Angela bumps into her daughter’s ex Charlie and the pair sleep together.
Ashamed, Angela goes to leave, only to slip on a skateboard and bang her head. Charlie takes her to the surgery where her daughter, Kim, spots them and furiously argues with her mum. But after speaking to Karen the pair realise Charlie has been planning this all along.

Catriona visits Heston to discuss her mental health and he prescribes some anti-depressants. Later, Mandy tries to convince Catriona to go to the police about her assault, but she insists doesn’t want to have to face her attackers.