Is Kirsten Paul’s blackmailer?

Shaken and angry, Paul assumes Kirsten is behind the incriminating photos and the bid to blackmail him, but he realises she is innocent when she sees how frightened she is. Elle also denies any involvement. Worried about Mickey, Kirsten wants to go to the police, but Paul pleads with her to keep quiet, unwilling to jeopardise his marriage to Rebecca.

Ned and Mickey arrive back with Jim, Steve’s dad. Unwilling to face the past, Steve rejects Jim’s attempts to reconnect with him. Although loyal to Steve, Miranda and Riley are conflicted when they hear Jim’s version of what took place in the past, and encourage Steve to hear his father out. Feeling betrayed by his family’s change in attitude, Steve stubbornly refuses and is disgusted when Riley invites Jim on a family fishing trip.

Libby is still overcome with curiosity about the mysterious Ty and encourages him to open up about his past. When she realises he has been keeping quiet about his birthday, she decides to throw him an impromptu party, leaving Karl wondering if she is inadvertently using Ty to move on from Dan.

Also, Bridget receives a boost to her ego with a girly shopping trip.