When Tommy overhears Kirsty arranging a lunch date with a guy called Nathan he decides to follow her. As he watches them through the window of a bar he sees Kirsty affectionately greet Nathan. Convinced she’s having an affair, Tommy looks for Tina to discuss whether they should break the news to Tyrone.

Julie’s shocked to see Paul and Lesely coming out of No 11 and tackles Eileen over her decision to let them move in. Eileen stands firm – it’s temporary and it’s the right thing to do. But when Lesley catches Paul hugging Eileen, Lesley’s reaction makes Eileen doubt her decision.

As Brian and Ken discuss life as a teacher Brian suddenly feels Ken is someone he can open up to. Confiding in Ken he makes a surprising confession that he has had a vasectomy, but then reveals that he and Julie are trying for a baby.

Also, after Eileen gave his room to Paul and Lesley, Jason is forced to move into the flat with Tina. But she’s unsure about living with her ex and Tommy is hit with jealousy; Simon continues to make his dislike for Carla known.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Having confided in Tina, both she and Tommy are now convinced that Kirsty is having an affair and Tina insists they must tell Tyrone. They voice their suspicions to a horrified Tyrone who confronts Kirsty, accusing her of having an affair and questioning whether the baby is really his. Hurt and angry, Kirsty explains herself, and it’s clear Tina and Tommy have got it wrong.

In turmoil over his lie Brian goes to see Dr Carter about getting his vasectomy reversed. But Julie drops a bombshell – she’s already pregnant and Brian is left secretly perplexed. He wants answers from Julie, but decides to stay at the Barlows’ and face her in the morning.

Eileen realises that looking after Lesley won’t be easy and tells Paul that while he and Lesley are under her roof together, they can only be friends.

Also, a visit to the doctor reveals that both Gail and Audrey have high blood pressure and should give up alcohol; Simon continues to make life very difficult for Peter and Carla by refusing to come home from the Barlows’.