After exploding with rage at Bartlett, Miles feels so ashamed that he takes the rest of the day off. He finds it difficult to get over the fact Kirsty lied to him, not telling him about her escort work and asks her to move out. Despondent, she agrees to another night of work as an escort. But when her date notes how down she is, he suggests they go up to his room so she can make some extra cash…

Belle gets home to find Aden waiting in her bedroom and is soon seduced by him as the pair collapse together on the bed. Afterwards, Belle hears a noise in the kitchen, and finds Angelo with a gashed head passed out on the floor. As Angelo is taken to hospital, Belle suspects that he was attacked by someone working for the developers as a warning to her.

Feeling terrible, she tells Aden she can’t break up with Angelo while he’s in hospital because of her. Later, the police discover the real culprit responsible for attacking Angelo was a kid he’d had a run-in with before. With little evidence to go on, Fitzgerald decides not to request the medical records for Belle.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday December 10*