Is Kylie in danger?

Kylie tells David her plan to show Sarah Callum’s true colours. After staging a huge row with David for his benefit, Kylie convinces Callum she still loves him. Callum falls for her act and leads her through to the back room of the Dog & Gun. Pulling Kylie towards the sofa, Callum tells her he wants her. Wondering where on earth David has got to, Kylie tries to conceal her mounting panic.
Carla gambles the hours away playing online poker and orders a confused Sally to cancel her meeting with the accountant. Carla later invites Nick, Erica and Lloyd for a game of poker in the cafe.
Bev tells a devastated Ken that Deirdre couldn’t face coming back to the street when she found out about Tracy’s affair with Tony, knowing how much her daughter had hurt her friend. Oblivious, Tracy discusses Deirdre’s funeral arrangements while Ken seethes.
Suggesting how useful it would be if Roy could drive as they could take rubbish to the tip, Cathy puts pressure on Roy to re-book his driving test.