Lying to David Kylie finds Callum and orders him to stay away from Max and her family. But as she goes to leave, Gemma collapses from an overdose. Kylie’s terrified her old friend could die and accompanies her to hospital. As Gemma fights for her life Kylie vows to give up the drugs. But is it too little too late as a suspicious David confronts Kylie back at home?

Aware there’s something bothering him, Michelle does her best to talk to Steve, but he can’t bring himself to open up. Later, Michelle confides in Liz and Eileen that she reckons Steve’s gone off her.

As Yasmeen makes a speech to the assembled crowd, Gary begs Alya to give him a chance and promises that their relationship will be a purely platonic one and Alya forces herself to believe him.

When Chesney calls at No 9 with Joseph, Cilla plays the doting Granny, but Chesney’s convinced she’s got an ulterior motive. As Chesney stalks out, Sinead notices Cilla convulsing in pain.