Is Lachlan caught red-handed?

Determined to pull off a fast one, Lachlan reckons he’s on to a winner. Having nicked Val’s engagement ring from grieving widower Pollard, Lachlan is now planning to return it to David, who’s so desperate to get it back to his broken-hearted dad that he’s offering a reward. So, unaware David arranges to leave the cash in the village hall in return for the ring. But Leyla and Nikhil are suspicious and plan to stake out the drop… Will Lachlan get caught red-handed?

Aaron’s convinced that Robert is going to try to buy Diane’s share of the Woolpack and he’s determined to stop him. But there’s one problem – money. But when Aaron’s estranged dad Gordon bowls into town and, after rolling out his sob story, offers his son a lump sum, Aaron flips. After accusing Gordon of trying to buy him out, Aaron hits up Ross – he wants in on a dodgy warehouse job.

Despite the dementia casting a shadow over their future, Ashley and Laurel have decided to give it another shot! They’re on cloud nine, but the same can’t be said for Harriet when she clocks the happy couple kissing…