Max has a confrontation with Lauren that leaves him concerned, prompting him to ask Stacey to talk to her. When Max hears Lauren almost fainted, he tracks her down to Stacey’s house, demanding some answers. Lauren confesses that she drank alcohol the night before. As Max insists Lauren come home with him, Lauren subtly hands Stacey a used pregnancy test. What does it say?


Dot is in an impossible position after Nick’s request that she buy him some drugs. When Fatboy finds a piece of paper from Nick, he follows Dot, catching her leaving some dodgy flats. Fatboy soon realises that Dot is covering for Nick but wonders how far she’s gone.


Roxy and Charlie have a meeting with Ronnie’s doctor, who reveals that even if she does wake up, she might have brain damage. A devastated Roxy attacks Charlie, insisting he should have pushed for better treatment. The pair break down, comforting each other, and it soon turns to passion!