Is Leah pregnant?

Miles is confused about the cold way Leah is acting towards him. Despite his attempts to get her back to normal, he is left bewildered as Leah stays distant. Later, Leah takes a pregnancy test and nervously awaits the result. She’s pregnant.

Romeo is convinced that Harvey vandalised his boat. He then finds out Harvey has been stealing his clients and copying his business plans. Romeo reports Harvey to the police as a suspect in the boat-trashing. The gloves are off and both men are prepared for a fight. But when Elijah returns the stolen silverware, it’s clear Harvey didn’t commit the crime. Romeo apologises but Harvey’s not interested and makes a complaint to the council about Romeo not having a permit to moor the boat.

Roo and Sid are in a new stage of their relationship, free from arguments. In an attempt at family bonding they organise a day tidying up the farm with Indi and Dex. Indi’s attitude toward Roo has changed and the four of them really enjoy themselves. It seems Roo is finally settling in within the family. But after their great day, Dex tells Sid that his mum – Sid’s ex-wife – is coming to visit.