Is Leila pregnant?

Leila confesses to Elliot the reason for her strange mood is because she suspects she’s pregnant. Elliot panics and runs off, leaving Leila in the lurch as she waits for him to return to take a pregnancy test. Elliot finally slinks back home and he asks Leila the result of the test. Leila is furious with his spineless attitude and tells him that she’s pregnant.

Ravi is inconsolable after his diagnosis and Kris advises him to tell his parents. Ravi tries to tell Bel, but he bottles when she won’t let him get a word in edgeways. Later, Kris goads Caleb in the SU bar and Caleb squares up to him and Ravi. Everyone is surprised when boxer Ravi turns tail and runs, not realising that a blow to his head could prove fatal.

Cindy is put out when Tony is cool with her after their evening of passion. Tony accuses Cindy of using him to make Darren jealous and they end up having a furious row. Later, Tony overhears Cindy bragging to Darren about her amazing new bloke and chuffed by her comments he tells Cindy he’d like to continue where they left off, as long as they keep it secret for now.

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