Is Les about to lose everything?

Donna confronts Les and Claudette, who insists they’re not having an affair. Panicking, Les rushes out, followed by Claudette, who assures him everything will be OK. Returning to the Square, Donna bumps into Pam, confessing about seeing Les with Claudette. Pam and Donna return to Claudette’s where Pam confronts her friend…

Kim insists on interviewing Ronnie for the job at the Albert, but is overruled by Sharon, who gives Ronnie the job. Paranoid, Kim tells Patrick she thinks Ronnie is stalking Vincent when she sees Vincent sending a mysterious text. Confronting Ronnie, Kim is stunned when Ronnie insists she didn’t send Vincent a text, but the truth comes out that Ronnie previously slept with Vincent. Meanwhile, Vincent meets with a mystery person.

Stacey confronts Shabnam over seeing Jade, prompting Shabnam to insists she’s not trying to replace Zaair. After opening up to Stacey about the death of her son, Stacey and Shabnam take Jade home.

Also, Kathy and Ben have a plan to get more money for Gavin, asking Ian for money, saying Kathy needs some money to buy a flat.