Is Lewis guilty?

Lewis is reeling from the discovery that not only is he a suspect for the attack on Marie, but also for all the previous hospital attacks. But although Sam is convinced that the evidence against Lewis shows that he is in no doubt the guilty man, Rachel stubbornly defends him.

After Sam sees Lewis and Marie having a heated argument, the pair are taken to the police station where Lewis is cleared of the crime. But suspicions are raised that Lewis may have pressured Marie into changing her statement. Marie denies this is the case, before explaining that their row jogged some more memories about the attack. But if it wasn�t Lewis, then who did attack Marie?

Annie and Geoff are shocked and horrified to discover the bank has taken possession of their farm, and fully intend to sell it out from under them. Outraged Martha enlists Michael’s help to break into the property and take back some of Annie and Geoff’s personal possessions. But her plan backfires in a big way when they’re discovered by the bank manager and arrested by the police.

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