Is Lewis really a changed man? (VIDEO)

Lewis offers his apologies to Audrey again before heading off to court. Reporting back Norris reveals how Lewis stated his shame in letting down a lady he admires, Audrey’s clearly moved. Later, Lewis reveals he got 120 hours of community service.

Anne’s growing suspicious over Frank’s changing moods and questions him, claiming she isn’t as gullible as Sally. Meanwhile, Carla meets with contact Jenny who is still keen to do business, but insists she can’t work with Carla while Frank is involved in Underworld. Jenny explains that she can make up what selling out to Frank at a cut price will cost Carla.

Peter‘s perturbed when a council licensing officer arrives at the bookies. He’s forced to ask a passing Leanne to take Simon to school as he shows the man inside. Frazzled after the visit Peter accuses Karl of reporting him to the council before collecting Simon from the pub. Simon wants to stay with Leanne, but Peter drags him through the bar. Back at home the pressure of the day has got to Peter and Carla and a row erupts.

Also, Ken and Deirdre warm to Beth; Paul tells Eileen he could lose his job if he takes any more time off to look after Lesley.