Is Liam playing Amy?

Steph assures Karl that she’s still in treatment and wants to make up for her past mistakes. While Karl confirms Steph’s version of events with her hospital, Tyler discovers the truth about Steph’s history. Later, Steph finds comfort reconnecting with Toadie until Tyler tells her Lucas doesn’t want her at the garage, and he’s on his way to confront her…

Paul takes delight in pulling out of his deal with Liam, forcing Amy to asks Paul to change his mind – for Jimmy’s sake. Paul questions Liam about how committed he really is to Jimmy, and Liam’s answer convinces him to reinstate the deal. But after Paul’s gone, Liam makes a call that shows he’s deeply in debt.

Sheila folds and admits to Nate that she called the police on Aaron’s party. She then confesses to Aaron, absolving Nate of all responsibility. Aaron makes Sheila do 10 hours of community service for him – with Nate’s help. When Nate questions why he’s being punished as well, Aaron points out that if Nate had just been honest, Sheila wouldn’t have got involved.