Is Liam yet another love rat?

Liam is given a raucous send off by the factory girls on the last day before his wedding, while Carla struggles to get into the spirit of things. Maria takes herself off to Audrey’s for the night and Carla uses the opportunity to visit Liam and tell him that they need to talk…

Jason is feeling down about his split with Sarah, but he realises that it’s about time he faced Becky as he hasn’t seen her since their night of passion. Becky spots him entering the cafe and she calmly puts down her stack of dishes and walks over to Jason and punches him! Lloyd takes Becky to the pub to cool down. Jason sees Gail and she is sad when he tells her that he and Sarah are over for good.

Michelle and Steve start organising Amy’s birthday party and Steve asks her to forget about Alex for just one day. Alex phones Michelle asking to meet her, and Steve is frustrated when Michelle tells Steve that she’ll be back in time for Amy’s party.

Also, Dan flirts with Kelly but she’s miffed when Harry says it was for a bet.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla plucks up the courage to tell Liam to admit that they both have feelings for each other. Liam refuses to answer her and rushes out to buy best man Ryan a shirt. Carla confronts him on his return and demands to know why he called for her when he was at death’s door. Carla tries to tempt him with a seductive kiss, but he pulls away. Maria has popped back to the house and she is devastated when she sees them kissing.

Michelle is upset when Alex reveals that he doesn’t feel happy at home as Wendy has a new boyfriend. Michelle shows Alex a picture of his real father Dean and she’s touched when he realises how alike they are. Alex asks to come to the Rovers for Amy’s party and he storms off when she refuses. Steve is angry when Michelle turns up late.

Dan tries his luck with Kelly again after the previous interference from dad Harry. Dan tells Kelly that he’s the one who calls the shots as he owns the bookies and he lies that he is helping Harry out by employing him. Kelly is impressed and doesn’t realise that Dan is all talk!

Also, Fiz wants Ches to move in with her.