Is liar Abi about to be found out?

Ben is horrified to see Phil’s credit card statement and Abi offers to look into it. Realising that Louise is responsible, Abi and Babe confront her, demanding she return her ill-gotten gains. When Abi realises that Babe is taking advantage of her, she shares some harsh words. A furious Babe sends a letter to Ben about Abi’s fake pregnancy in retaliation. After Abi apologises for her behaviour, a guilty Babe confesses to sending the letter. Abi is horrified when Louise arrives holding the letter… She knows the truth.

Ronnie goes with Sharon to the auction for No 5. Sharon soon finds herself in a bidding war with a mystery buyer on the phone. Unable to match the other bidder, Sharon loses the house. After Ronnie offers to let Sharon come and live with her, they’re shocked to learn who bought the house – it’s Jack – and he’s planning to turn it into flats. Later, when Sharon finds out it’s the anniversary of Danielle’s death, she’s supportive to a thoughtful Ronnie. Laying flowers on Danielle’s grave, Ronnie vows to make a fresh start with Jack.

Also, Phil goes for his first hospital appointment.