Is Libby having doubts?

Lucas is dropped as Best Man and confronts Libby to find out the real reason she doesn’t want him as Dan’s Best Man. When Libby gets upset Lucas tries to console her and Dan finds the two in a compromising position. Furious, he storms out on Libby when she admits she’s having trouble moving on from the past! Steph airs her concerns that Libby may be marrying the wrong brother.

Bridget tells Rachel to keep Ty under surveillance if she’s worried he’s having an affair but Rachel refuses to go along with it and says she trusts him. When curiosity gets too much for her, she decides to follow Ty and gets sprung in the process. His mystery woman is Miranda, he was giving her private dance lessons so she could impress Steve with her prowess. Although Rachel discovers he’s not cheating on her, Rachel’s lack of trust leaves her without a boyfriend.

Rebecca struggles with the reality of her son moving on without her. Steve challenges Rebecca not to punish Declan for her own insecurities, and find a way to deal with Declan’s football success.

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