Having arrived home early from scout camp with Ben, Libby is feeling as happy as can be. She’s even organised a divorce party, inviting Toadie’s girlfriend, Sonya, whom she hardly even knows. Susan seems to think she’s trying very hard to convince everyone she’s OK. When Susan expresses her concerns Libby gives her a mouthful, telling her to stop interfering.

Meanwhile, following Ringo’s departure, everyone is confident that Donna will be all right, with time. After all, she’s only 18, and has the rest of her life and many more mistakes ahead of her! However, she’s suffering more than people realise. Will she spiral out of control?

Later, when Libby and Sonya go to pick up Donna for their girls’ night out, Rebecca discovers that Donna’s packed up and left. Rebecca and Sonya are shocked when Libby fobs off the seriousness of Donna’s disappearance, and then collapses in a heap on the floor.

After giving Callum an ultimatum to be her friend completely or not at all, Sophie’s left disappointed when he ditches her to spend time with Dean. On top of that, it appears that Callum’s in with the ‘in’ crowd and Sophie’s definitely ‘out’. However, after a while Callum finds himself in the company of friends he doesn’t really like.

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